So what is Bloglogic?

As a first step, let me explain where the notion of blogging having a certain logic of its own comes from. Following the work of American scholars David Altheide and Richard Snow, Peter Dahlgren has proposed a media logic in cyberspace, defined as the particular institutionally structured features of a medium, the ensemble of technical and organizational attributes, and the cultural competences of users – all of which impact on what gets represented in the medium and how this gets done.

In short: we need to bring together materials on medium features, the corresponding ensemble of attributes, and cultural competences of prosumers in order to paint a coherent picture of Bloglogic.

Fortunately, the Web offers plenty of places which have done so in the past. See for example this excellent overview of weblog as a form of electronic publishing by Caslon Analytics (an Australian internet consultancy). Another good collection of links and resources on weblog theory is put together by Oliver Wrede (of the German consultancy PrincipleDesign). I guess one also has to cite Rebecca Blood's popular "weblogs: a history and perspective" (07.09.00) essay.