Media Work

Well, its done! The manuscript is - with the exception of a complete concluding chapter and an official foreword - off to the reviewers and to colleagues and friends both in the professional world and in academe to tear it apart... But for now, it is a glorious feeling (Of course, my other - Dutch - book is waiting... deadline November 1).

For those of you who are interested (and let me know if you want to co-read/review some of this, all comments are appreciated), here's a preliminary table of contents:

Title: Media Work

Chapter One: Liquid Life, Work, and Media.

- Individualization of Work
- Informational Hypercapitalism
- Media and Everyday Life
- The Network Society
- Precarity
- The Consumer and The Citizen
- Personal Information Spaces
- Connected
- A Participatory Media Culture
- Conclusion

Chapter Two: Creative Industries, Convergence Culture, and Media Work.

- Media Life
- Media as Creative Industries
- Media as Work
- Key Trends in Media Work (Risk, Trust and Clusters; Management of Creativity; Technology and Information)
- Convergence Culture
- Conclusion

Chapter Three: Media Professions in a Digital Age.

- Individualization of Labor
- The Production of Culture (Technologies; Law and Regulation; Organizational Structure; Occupational Careers; Markets)
- Media Work and Media Logic
- Advertising/Public Relations and Marketing Communications
- Journalism
- Television and Movie Production
- Game Design and Development

Chapter Four: Liquid Media Work.

- A Hierarchy of Influences
- Liquid Professional Identities
- Conclusion