Oursourcing of Media Work

Remarkable development in Germany: national daily newspaper Suddeutsche Zeiting planned to outsource (part of) its online newsdesk to Prague, as labor is cheaper there. Latest reports suggest that, after holding a round of job interviews (and getting some pretty critical publicity), the project has been called off... for now.

We know that outsourcing of media work is quite common in game development and film/tv work (where it is sometimes called 'runaway production', see the trend in the U.S. and the rest of the world exemplified in the image on the left). Even in advertising with is global holding firms and networked enterprises accounts, clients and particular aspects of campaigns are distributed across the globe. But journalism always seemed much more tied to place (even though practices such as job rotation and ubiquitous freelancing have uprooted many reporters, especially newcomers - but generally within the same country).

Michael Soukup of OnlineJournalismus.de writes that a taboo has been broken; indeed.