Media Life Working Papers & Publications

[UPDATE: March 27, 2013] The manuscript for Media Life is finished (a snapshot of the page proofs is shown here) and the book was published in October 2012.

Several publications have documented this project, and it is my hope and planning this will continue in the future with ongoing research and collaborations with students and faculty around the world. Please contact me if you would like to get involved.

Below you will find references to these works, with direct links to author versions of papers, essays, and book chapters as archived online.

If you are more visually inclined - and really, who isn't - perhaps I can redirect you to a couple of clips available at Vimeo and YouTube of talks and video-slideshows based on the media life project:
Below are links to written content coming out of the media life project. Please contact me if you would like a PDF of one or more of these publications if you do not have access. I'll regularly post updates to this list, so here goes.

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  • Mark Deuze (2012). The unseen disappearance of invisible media: a response to Sebastian Kubitschko and Daniel Knapp. In: Media Culture & Society 34(3), pp.365-368.
  • Mark Deuze (2012). Quality of (Media) Life. Deuzeblog, April 30.
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