Christoph Neuberger is the foremost German scholar of all things 'online journalism', and recently (23.04.04) published a summary of his survey among webloggers online. Interestingly, most webloggers consider their sites quite similar to journalism - they even feel certain 'journalistic' responsibilities. Webloggers think subjectivity and commentary are the main strengths of their approach, which leads Neuberger to conclude that this should be typified as 'individual' or 'participatory' journalism.

Weblogs as examples of individual (I Blog/U Blog) or participatory (We Blog) journalism? Neubergers' conclusions are similar to an analysis by JD Lasica in the Online Journalism Review (07.08.03). Columnist Dan Gillmor is even writing a book - titled "Making the News" - about this phenomenon - and he invites readers to participate.

Yes: the 19th century was the era of print mass media, the 20th century the hightime for broadcast mass media... so the 21st century a period of we media?