Before I move on with sampling the resources needed to identify the building blocks of Bloglogic, let me acknowledge a recent grouplog of the same name, which "brings together the online community to talk about why they blog" (nice site, but plagued by pornspam).

While I'm on the topic of acknowledgement, let me offer some more references to scholarly work on blogging - according to Mark Glaser (11.05.04) of the Online Journalism Review these people should be called 'blogologists': "people who are studying the dynamic of blogs and trying to understand how they fit into our society."

Jill Walker, for example, offers a rich linkdump on blog theorising. John Hiler compiled an insightful overview (28.05.02) of what he calls the 'blogosphere' at Microcontent News (self-proclaiming to be "the online magazine for weblogs, webzines, and personal publishing"). His point (as was Steven Johnson's one year later): the blogging ecosystem or blogspace is organic, self-organizing, and complex. Yes: its alive!