"Blogging is the rage. The debate on whether it is journalism or not continues unabated." This is how the current (May 2004) issue of the e-zine Indian Online Journalism opens its 'Blogging Special', featuring interviews with prominent Indian and American bloggers.

So let's open up the platform internationally: Australian journalism weblog Journoz has a separate category for posts regarding blogging; Dienstraum, a German medialog, comments regularly on the linkages between blogging, journalism and media; British newspaper The Guardian's weblog is well-known, ofcourse, and one should mention the BlogAfrica project, which is: "an effort to identify and celebrate webloggers in Africa and to raise the profile of Africa in the world of weblogs."

There is more to blogging than journalism, if anything because blogging seems to be a global phenomenon, whereas journalism is moreoften tied into national (or local) interests.