On Tuesday May 24th (2005), I will be one of the speakers (next to people from the 'future council' and Peter Oltshoorn of NetKwesties) at an open conference on the future of the news(paper) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This conference is organized by the Netherlands Press Fund - see their press release (in Dutch).

Although the conference will mostly be in Dutch, I'd encourage people to come - some of the key people in the Dutch media industry will attend as panelists, and the topics of discussion will (hopefully) be the re-emergence of user-generated content and the empowered consumer, which are clearly issues causing panic throughout the industry - if only because the media industry relies on us to remain interpellated as 'audiences' (and preferably nothing else).

The conference is at Restaurant Club 11 in the Post CS building in Amsterdam. Although I have lived in Amsterdam for 12 years, I have no idea where this is - somewhere near the central railway station, for sure. If you plan to come, e-mail the people at the Press fund: info@bedrijfsfondspers.nl.