Convergence culture becomes ever more central to my thinking about culture and society in the context of mediawork. Given the Net's a-historicity, I want to make it very explicit that I take my cues and inspiration regarding the concept of convergence culture from the excellent work of MIT's Henry Jenkins. However, Jenkins' work does not address journalism in any detail, althoug his latest projects are geared towards professionals working for 'Big Media' who are (or should be) engaged in meaningful collaborative efforts with people (who used to be called 'audiences'). Scholars at QUT Creative Industries in Australia - notably John Hartley, whose work got me into media studies in the first place, are more explicitly looking at all kinds of instances where individual creativity and (mass) media production - the remix of creative arts and cultural industries, hence Creative Industries - intersect.

What is important for me (regarding the project and evolving convergence culture list below), is to map the various instances of convergence culture across the media industries, consider them theoretically as expressions of social change, and then locate the findings and conclusions across a whole spectrum of ways in which society organizes and reproduces itself: between individual (local) and collective (global) enactment, between open (collaborative) and closed (hierarchical) communication, and so on... I'm figuring out this stuff as I go along (obviously).

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