More on collaborative authoring, collective intelligence (see Pierre Levy), and open source influences on MSM: see Business Week's (26/09/05) Best of the Web (and analysis), Kevin Kelly in Wired (13/08/05) on 'We' are the Web. Related: August 24 (2005) also saw the introduction of the User Generated Media Alliance (UGMA).

These links remind me of a couple of related claims made in our recent past about the times we live in: the Age of Ecogasting, the Participation Age, the Age of Engagement...

Okay. So in what kind of society are we living (providing social context for collaborative media and egocasting? a Redactional Society and a Society of Authorship perhaps? Although I feel such claims are overstating the facts, they do provide structure for understanding the changes and shifts in the contemporary media ecology.

(more to come)