Although the original study is old (2003), and I have posted about it before (including a link to the full report), Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana) has come up with a fascinating way to give their findings on how people multitask their media and underestimate how much of their everyday life goes into media use: they now call this CME: Concurrent Media Exposure.

Good stuff, suffering from one GIGANTIC problem: it totally ignores that (see previous post) media use - especially among teenagers - increasingly is media making.

So... let's look at some alternatives (paraphrasing people like Alvin Toffler, Axel Bruns, Larry Pryor and many others) to typifiy the emerging praxis of former 'consumers' and 'producers' in a new media ecology:

- Concurrent Media Prosumption?
- Concurrent Media Produsing?
- Concurrent Media Immersion?
- Convergent Cultural Production?

UPDATE (12.12): based on the comments below, see the new weblog of the Convergence Culture Consortium at MIT.