In a previous post I've announced a new writing project of mine on the notion of 'liquid media work', with as working title: Media Work in a Digital Age. A book will be published (probably early 2007) - if all goes well, of course - by Polity Press, and the project will also result in a series of articles, essays and papers for scholarly, trade as well as news and popular journals and magazines.

The primary purpose of all of this is to better understand the realities of working in various media careers, and to better prepare students for a career in this volatile, growing, exciting yet extremely uncertain industry.

For this project I am solliciting the 'work histories' of professionals in all kinds of media industries in six countries with comparable media economies: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, The Netherlands and the United States.

- With 'media work' I refer to those professionals earning their living contributing to and/or responsible for the production of content for any kind of media: print, radio, television, online, mobile/wireless.

- with 'media' I refer to four broad sectors of the industry: Game design/ development; Advertising/ PR/ Marketing communications; Journalism; Radio/ Television/ Movie production.

- with 'work histories' I mean: written annotated resumes, stories and/or essays (of roughly 400-800 words) covering three key issues in the worklife of today's media professionals:

1. How did you get to the job, status and position you have now?
2. What is it like to work in the media industry?
3. What are the most important challenges and opportunities for workers in the media for the near future - especially considering the role and impact of new media like internet, mobile/wireless communications, and convergence?

If you are a professional in the media industry and you want to collaborate, have advice or criticism, or if you know of group blogs, mailing lists and/or other platforms where I can post this call for help (particularly in the 6 countries mentioned), please send me an e-mail to my work address at Indiana University (mdeuze at indiana dot edu).

Every single contribution to the project will be anonymized and, if published, can only be traced to identifiers by media sector and age. If you rather not have anonymized quotes published, please let me know - your contribution will still be of invaluable help to the project!

Please feel free to redistribute, quote or link to this posting. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.