Infographics of a New Media Ecology

(UPDATED: 08.14.06)

Check the following graphs & stats and tell me what they have in common (hint: see Manuel Castells' argument on the 'hypersociability' of networked individualism in his book The Internet Galaxy). Disclaimer: I realize that some of these graphs are dated and they do not all measure the same things, have different units of analysis, and some are predictive rather than descriptive - but I am interested in the macro trends the various stats and graphs of more or less equivalent phenomena seem to refer to.

Media Making
- Weblogs (1), Weblogs (2)
- Podcasts (1); Podcasts (2), Podcasts (3)
- Wikipedia
- Webcams: Brazil,

Social Media
- Multiplayer (Online) Gaming
- Orkut
- Social Software

Media use
- Internet
- Multitasking (1), Multitasking (2), The Netherlands, Online (USA), Hours p/week (USA), Online versus other media (USA), Taiwan, Canada, international (first source for news), international (by search engine users), Korea, South Africa, Germany (online user demographics), ...

Media Artifacts
- Wireless Enabled Laptops
- Mobile Phones: United Kingdom, Africa, Australia, China (1), China (2), Japan, worldwide...
- Television: [...]

(more to come)