The Dutch society of editors organizes its annual conference today, which meeting features a speech delivered by my friend and writing colleague Henk Blanken, managing editor of regional daily newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden. The image posted here is one of Henk's slides, featuring what he considers are the groundrules for presenting news online.

In his work, Henk focuses on an understanding of new media, internet and journalism based on three key assumptions:

1. the 'new media' revolution is first and foremost a cultural revolution;
2. traditional values like 'truth', 'objectivity' and 'reality' have become truly negotiable, malleable, and liquid in today's world - especially for the news consumers of tomorrow: teenagers.
3. new media needs new journalism, and especially: better journalism; a journalism that perhaps is 'liquid' itself, that will rebuild relationships with audiences through authenticity, transparency, and - simply put - really hard work.

And, as a shameless plug: our new book - called PopUp - is scheduled to come out early next year, published by Atlas (in The Netherlands).