It is time for a change. Some time ago - right around the moment I started this blog, I wrote about the notion of a 'bloglogic', assuming that blogs, bloggers and the blogosphere have their own media logic, that there is a way of thinking about blogs, about blogging itself, and about how blogs are organized that is particular to the blogosphere.

One of the things I have found: bloglogic most definitely includes (or: prefers) the personal and experiential over the formal or theoretical. In other words: people like to read and link to other people's private musings and experiences rather than research papers or pseudo-objective prose.

In yet other words: bloglogic is not about Truth - its about Authenticity (Stephen Colbert would say: "Truthiness"). Because that just feels right.

Beyond all this, it just makes sense to me. It just does. Okay? Okay. So here goes.