In the context of the 'We Media' forum - a Chomskyan mainstreaming of the collaborative media movement - currently underway in London, the BBC released findings from a worldwide poll on media and public trust.

Quoting the BBC report: "More than 10,000 people were questioned for the survey by polling firm Globescan in the UK, US, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, and South Korea in March and April 2006."

What is really problematic here is the integration of the 'some' and 'a lot' categories when it comes to trust. Even the full PDF of the report does not mention this subtle, but important distinction.

So more than half of people around the world have little or no trust in their (news) media, nor in their government. It has been said before: we live in anti-hierarchical times. The question now is: what is (some or a lot of) 'trust' in a liquid modern world? Perhaps it is solely, strictly, reputation.