DIY TV is another great example of convergence culture, where people upload video content - in a bewildering mix of commercially produced (and ripped), user-generated, and amateur materials - to sites that tend to become known through yet another culturally convergent phenomenon: buzz, viral, word-of-mouth marketing.

I've looked up some videos of bands that inspire me & my work. FYI.

UPDATE [17.08.06]: added some new videos (Peeping Tom, Tool, Spinvis, Low).

Immolation, Of Martyrs and Men (live).
Immolation, Harnessing Ruin (video).

Tool, Hush (video)
Tool, Aenema (video)
Tool, Stinkfist (live)
Tool, Euology (live)
Tool, Parabola (video)
Tool, The Pot (fan video)

David Sylvian, Jean the Birdman (video)
David Sylvian, Orpheus (video)
David Sylvian, When Poets Dreamed of Angels live

Opeth, When, live
Opeth, The Grand Conjuration video
Opeth, Harvest video

Dimmu Borgir, Puritania live
Dimmu Borgir, Progenies of the Great Apocalypse live
Dimmu Borgir, Progenies of the Great Apocalypse video

Melvins, Hooch video
Melvins, Revolve video
Melvins, home video 1984

Mr Bungle, The Air-Conditioned Nightmare live
Mr Bungle, Quote Unquote video
Mr Bungle, Goodbye Sober Day homemade video

Fantomas, Cape Fear live

Tomahawk, God Hates a Coward live

Peeping Tom, Mojo video

Spinvis, Bagagedrager video

Low, Dragonfly live
Low, Amazing Grace live

Slayer, Chemical Warfare live
Slayer, Angel of Death live
Slayer, Serenity in Murder video

dEUS, Roses video
dEUS, The Ideal Crash video
dEUS, Little Arithmetics video

Hatesphere, Sickness Within video
Hatesphere, Bloodsoil live