Interview w/ Zygmunt Bauman

(29.05.06) Today I am in Leeds, England - where this afternoon I was fortunate enough to meet Zygmunt Bauman and his wife, Janina, at their lovely home in Lawnswood Gardens. We had a wonderful discussion, which I partly recorded and am transcribing as fast as I can for future reference; let me offer but one quote I find myself thinking about as I listen back to the interview.

We were talking about the experience of 'time' under conditions of a liquid modern life, considering the ways people are increasingly (indeed inevitably) caught in the 'tyranny of the moment' when living their life surfing from point to point (rather than staying on course or cyclically revisiting their pasts):

"This culture of now, of immediacy, of the presentism so to speak is - I think - deriving from the subconscious conviction that every point [in life, MD] is a totality of its own, and contains things which do not appear elsewhere and the art of life consists in spotting it when it is still there, and squeezing it before it has been exhausted..."

The Art of Liquid Life, indeed.