Why Advertising Sucks

Working on the part of chapter three where I (am trying to) dissect the working lives of people in the advertising (and public relations, marketing, whatever: integrated marketing communications) industry.

Came across a self-conscious comment today on Why Advertising Sucks about what it's like:

"This is why we work our asses off, this is why we come late from time to time, this is why no one from other industries understand us, this is why we fight our CD's and AE's. Because in one moment we can say fuck it and lay down and be still for a while."

Now can or should I quote that in a scholary work?

And, while I am at it: this blogger - a writer someone in the industry - also did a great job of explaining the institutional structure of the industry (mirroring the 'hourglass' model, with a bunch of big companies and thousands of small ones, and almost nothing inbetween because mid-size companies most often "get their asses whoooped"):

"I for one think one of the best things to compare agency wars to would actually be boxing. Think about it, different boxers have different styles. Different weight classes have different strengths. An agency that is a flyweight should never go into the ring with a heavyweight because it goes against logic. Sure they could win on points, but they could never knock the big fucker out while they are susceptible to one punch knockout power. Smaller agencies move a lot more and get a lot of smaller things done ultra quick while droning huge agencies move as sluggish as any Dolph Lungren movie plot. Mid size agencies have the flair of knockout power but often insist on biting more than they can chew and after maybe one or two successful bouts, they get their asses whooped."