Media Work cover blurb

FYI: below the first version of the blurb appearing on the back cover of Media Work (Polity Press/Blackwell, 2007):

The media are home to an eclectic bunch of people: media workers. This book is about who they are, what they do, and what their work means to them. It offers a foundational account of what it is like to work in the global media today.

When working on a movie, a news story, an ad campaign or a videogame, professionals face tough choices. Every day, boundaries are drawn and erased again: between commerce and creativity, between individualism and teamwork, between security and independence. Digital media supercharge these dilemmas, as industries merge and media converge, as audiences become co-creators of content online. Never have the opportunities for making media been so fluid and diverse.

The media are the pioneers of organizing the changes and challenges of the digital age. This book is a critical primer on the ways in which people at the heart of these creative industries survive. It is essential reading for those who consider a career in the media, or wish to understand how the media are made.