Academic Journals on (Media) Work Linkdump [1]

The Sociological Review Volume 54, Issue 4, Nov 2006
Keeping up appearances: aesthetic labour in the fashion modelling industries of London and New York
Joanne Entwistle, Elizabeth Wissinger

Work and Occupations Volume 33, 2006
Rethinking Occupational Structure: The Case of Web Site Production Work
Amanda Kidd Damarin

Crossover of Burnout and Engagement in Work Teams
Arnold B. Bakker, Hetty van Emmerik, and Martin C. Euwema

Journalism 7, 2006
Financial news journalism: A post-Enron analysis of approaches towards economic and financial news production in the UK
Gillian Doyle

Critical Studies in Media Communication Volume 23, Number 4, October 2006
“Feeling Much Smaller than You Know You Are”: The Fragmented Professional Identity of Female Sports Journalists
Marie Hardin, Stacie Shain

The Growth of Self-Produced Media Content and the Challenge to Media Studies
David Croteau

Convergence 12, 2006
I, Apparatus, You: A Technosocial Introduction to Creative Practice
Jenny Weight

Journal of Advertising Volume 35, no. 3, Fall 2006
Do Marketers Get The Advertising They Need or The Advertising They Deserve? Agency Views of How Clients Influence Creativity
Scott Koslow, Sheila L. Sasser, Edward A. Riordan

Journalism Studies Volume 7 Number 5, October 2006
GOOD JOURNALISM: On the evaluation criteria of some interested and experienced actors
Risto Kunelius

Work, Employment & Society 20, 2006
The new lumpiness of work: explaining the mismatch between actual and preferred working hours
Patricia E. van Echtelt, Arie C. Glebbeek, and Siegwart M. Lindenberg