Media Industries in Trouble

UPDATE: so... now the media are not in trouble? According to CNN, 'Big Media' is having a great year. Interesting...

Wow... in one single Business Day supplement in the New York Times a bunch of separate articles focusing (independently from each other if one reads between the lines) on the deep sh*t just about every major media industry - videogames, the movies, news, and advertising - finds itself in today.

Almost everyone quoted refers to 'new media' as the cause of it all.

What about labor exploitation? Media companies functioning as dysfunctional families because clueless investors and stock brokers foam around the mouth about 'synergy' but refuse to accept that creative talent does not work in a place where everybody is supposed to work happily together while at the same time being forced to make more money (returns on investment) every year and doing more (cross-media production, for example) with less (staff, time, budgets)?

Ultimately what makes media work is talent. Not newspaper or TV news set redesign, the end of big budget moviemaking, outsourcing, or figuring out new ways to measure ratings, hits, and other kinds of usage metrics. All of that is just another way to cut costs (just as initially investments in new media technologies were seen at media companies: as ways to increase efficiency and accelerate the production process; the opposite has happened because the 'talent' factor was not included in business deliberations).

It certainly seems time that all the users generating their own content should start showing more respect and support for the talent across the media industry.