Media Work Linkdump [1]

Yes... it is the End of Cinema as we know it. Moviework will never be the same in the age of interactive narratives (and other feverish predictions). Same for newswork, now newspapers are increasingly looking at crowdsourcing to complement or even supplement journalists' labor. More free labor for the global culture economy! Sure, some companies are talking the talk of 'paying' consumer-work, but walking the walk? No way, argues AdHurl in a critical post on "all the claptrap concerning viral, buzz, word-of-mouth, hip-hop, gangsta and every other form of new media bs we keep hearing about..."; but paying certain customer/content creators also has a dark side - as Henry Jenkins ponders what will happen to the 'we' of 'we media' when corporations move into to user-generated content communities like MySpace (NewsCorp), YouTube (Google plus the music and recording industries) and Flickr (Yahoo).

Well one thing that is happening in the advertising industry: idiots at work.