More Media Outsourcing

As a follow-up to my earlier post on outsourcing in the film industry and the news about the attempt of a major German newspaper to outsource its online department to the Czech republic, here's some more remarkable outsourcing news:

1. Journalism
Ohio Newspaper to Outsource 90 Jobs to India

The Dispatch Printing Co. is contracting its advertising design work to a company in India, eliminating 90 jobs in its advertising department. The company's flagship newspaper, the Columbus Dispatch, says it will offer employees severance and benefits packages (from: I WANT MEDIA - Tuesday, 11/14/06).

2. Film/TV
Strike looms over U.S. prod'n in Canada

TORONTO -- A strike threat looms over U.S. film and TV shoots in Canada after domestic actors on Thursday said they could take to picket lines to fend off North American producers' demands for steep pay cuts (from: Hollywood Reporter).

3. Games

Consider this recent Hollywood Reporter headline: Electronic Arts shares soar on upbeat earnings report, and now set it against earlier news about EA this year: Electronic Arts cuts staff by 5 percent (source: Gamespot), and of course the court settlements by EA (in 2005 and 2006; see also my earlier post on working in the game industry) over unpaid over("crunch")time and other despicable labor practices. Cost-cutting and Madden NFL pay off, indeed.

UPDATE (11.15.06): two more posts over at AdHurl on the issue of outsourcing and the 'new' global economy in the context of advertising agencies and their software/new media clients Intel (moving jobs to Vietnam) and IBM (moving more jobs to India, where it is already one of the largest American employers).