Academic Journals on (Media) Work & Life Linkdump [2]

Remark: the first edition of this informal linkdump on recently published papers on matters relevant to understanding work and life 'in' the media can be found here. Enjoy.

International Journal of Sociology 36(4)
The Crisis of Cultural Canons in Postmodern Society
Andrzej Szpociński

European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 15(4)
Cross-functionality and innovation in new product development teams: A dilemmatic structure and its consequences for the management of diversity
Diether Gebert, Sabine Boerner, Eric Kearney

New Media Society 8(6)
Online news meets established journalism: how China's journalists evaluate the credibility of news websites
Joseph M. Chan, Francis L.F. Lee, and Zhongdang Pan

International Journal of Cultural Studies 9(4)
Blogs, wikis and creative innovation
John Quiggin

European Journal of Social Theory 9(4)
European Cosmopolitan Solidarity: Questions of Citizenship, Difference and Post-Materialism
Nick Stevenson

Games and Culture 2(1)
Game Classification and Game Design: Construction Through Critical Analysis
Christian Elverdam and Espen Aarseth

Theory, Culture & Society 2(7/8)
When We Have Never Been Human, What Is to Be Done? Interview with Donna Haraway
Nicholas Gane

Journalism Studies 7(6)
Journalists and their sources: Lessons from anthropology
Isabel Awad

Citizenship Studies 10(5)
The Varieties of Civic Experience
Michael Schudson

Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies 20(4)
Westernizing Southeast Asian Cinema: Co-productions for ‘Transnational’ Markets
Pieter Aquilia