Academic Journals on (Media) Work/Life Linkdump (3)

Academic Journals on (Media) Work/Life Linkdump (3)

Information, Communication & Society 9(6)
the ethics of economic interactions in the network economy
László Fekete

The Information Society 23(1)
A Look into the Future Impact of ICT on Our Lives
Luciano Floridi

Theory and Society 35(5-6)
Time–space intensification: Karl Polanyi, the double movement, and global informational capitalism
Seán Ó Riain

Television & New Media 8(1)
The Promotional Role of the Network Upfront Presentations in the Production of Culture
Amanda D. Lotz

International Studies of Management and Organization 36(4)
Understanding Cross-Cultural Management Interaction: Research into Cultural Standards to Complement Cultural Value Dimensions and Personality Traits
Gerhard Fink, Anne-Katrin Neyer, Marcus Kölling

Journal of Advertising 35(4)
Product Placement: How Brands Appear on Television
Carrie La Ferle, Steven M. Edwards

Journal of Advertising 35(4)
Interactivity and its Facets Revisited: Theory and Empirical Test
Grace J. Johnson, Gordon C. Bruner II, Anand Kumar

Convergence 13(1)
Profits and Perils: Online News Producers' Perceptions of Interactivity and
Uses of Interactive Features
Deborah Soun Chung

Convergence 13(1)
Mundane Cyborg Practice: Material Aspects of Broadband Internet Use
Søren Mørk Petersen

Theory, Culture & Society 24(1)
Liquid Modernity, Complexity and Turbulence
Antony Bryant

Theory, Culture & Society 24(1)
The Third Culture
Gustav Metzger

The Sociological Review 55(1)
Transformative capacity, information technology, and the making of business 'experts'
Hannah Knox,Damian O'Doherty, Theo Vurdubakis, Chris Westrup

The Sociological Review 55(1)
The nostalgia for permanence at work? The end of work and its commentators
Tim Strangleman

New Media & Society 9(1)
Beyond the diluted community concept: a symbolic interactionist perspective on online social relations
Jan Fernback

Journalism 8(1)
Picturing civic journalism: How photographers and graphic designers visually communicate The Principles of Civic Journalism
Renita Coleman

Journalism Studies 8(1)
Contested Autonomy: Professional and popular claims on journalistic norms
Jane B. Singer

Citizenship Studies 11(1)
Twilight of Sovereignty or the Emergence of Cosmopolitan Norms? Rethinking Citizenship in Volatile Times
Seyla Benhabib