More on (Dutch) Newspapers

In an editorial letter today, Dutch quality newspaper Trouw editor-in-chief Frits van Exter expresses the need for "acht kniebuigingen voor journalisten"... all of which sound eerily similar to the "negen geboden voor een nieuwe journalistiek" that Henk Blanken and I list in our book PopUp (and which appeared earlier on our book's blog).

Check out the story in Trouw and on the PopUp website... and rejoice with us that either our message has come across, or an increasing number of top journalists and editors are beginning to realize what is really needed to move the profession into the 21st century: enthusiasm, passion, community, and: no more mass media!

Oh yes: if you do not read Dutch, translate with Babelfish. It works good enough to get a general idea.

PS: For more info, checkout this great interview with co-author Henk Blanken in Dutch newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad. The key question regarding the future of journalism is: when did you get your tattoo or piercing?