Another published interview today (yes, I had a productive visit to my home country over Spring break) in the brand new free daily Dutch newspaper De Pers - an ambitious project, indeed (the paper, not the interview necessarily).

The interview focuses on my remarks - inspired by the work of Ulrich Beck - on the 'zombie' character of mainstream news/traditional journalism, where institutional inertia, cultural nostalgia, and a lack of effective knowledge management have contributed to a view on the profession and its role in society that perhaps is not 'wrong', but it also does not fit with contemporary lived realities anymore - its living, but dead at the same time.

Of course this does not mean individual journalists are not talented, creative, innovative or brilliant - they are. But they often must work in contexts that are anything but in their ways of giving meaning to that creativity - which to some extent can be remedied with effective creative management and some wholehearted efforts to encourage "rethink" and discourage "groupthink". And so on...