Digital Workerism & PopUp

Former University of Amsterdam colleague Frank van Vree yesterday published a review of PopUp (the new book by Henk Blanken and me, in Dutch) in newspaper De Volkskrant. He obviously does not like our polemic conclusions about the ongoing clash between 'old' and 'new' media, and accuses us of: "digital workerism".

What is digital workerism? I do not know (it does not even generate hits on a Google search), but it sounds way cool.

FYI: Henk and I posted a reply to Frank's review on Mediablog. We hope for a passionate debate.

UPDATE [5/15/7]: yet another former journalist, old white guy (just like Henk and me), and current Professor, Warna Oosterbaan, has unleashed another fierce criticism on PopUp in the NRC Handelsblad (see image). Oosterbaan, writing for his former employer, feels we're too "hyperbolic" and sees fit to write a review primarily as a listing of decontextualized statements ripped from various pages in the book.

Oh well, maybe I'm just overly sensitive, and I should appreciate the fact that the book gets any attention at all from our colleagues. I wonder whether they will make the effort to review Media Work as well? That would be awesome.