Game Industry Goes YouTube

Interesting piece on GameDaily BIZ on Microsoft's ambitions with its XNA Game Studio software for the 360 - software that enables consumers/gamers/users to create and share their own games. Indeed, the game industry 'goes YouTube' - as it always has done with level editors, shareware, software development kits, mods, machinima, and gamer feedback communities (especially regarding massively multiplayer online games).

If anything, all the other media industries - particularly journalism, TV production and advertising - can really learn something about the various ways in which computer and video game developers historically have acknowledged and smartly included the creativity of the user in product innovation and development (something J.C. Herz has called "harnessing the hive" (link to PDF).

It would perhaps be an interesting project to map all the convergence culture aspects of game development, and then either find, predict or identify analogies in other media professions... (and if you are a student interested in graduate work reading this and getting excited: apply to the MA/MS/MBA/PhD program with us at IU Telecommunications and we'll work on this together).