UGC initiatives in: Journalism

[REMARK: this is the first post in a series on similar or comparable major issues in the key media professions of journalism, advertising, marketing communications, public relations, radio/TV/film production, and computer and video game development]

User-Generated Content is clearly the buzz of Web 2.o (and the second dotcom boom/bust). Here some recent 'hip' iniatives in US journalism that are making headlines and should be critically scrutinized:

[UPDATE April 17, 2007]: a column in Hollywood Today links User-Generated Content, citizen reporting, the shootings at Virigina Tech and - using Dr.Phil on CNN - violent video games...
CNN: I-Report (used prominently in the coverage on the campus shootings at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007)
Fox News: uReport
USA Today: Network Journalism
Fisher Communications, Journal Broadcast Group and Granite Broadcasting: YouNews.TV
Clearchannel Communications (Santa Rosa's KFTY-TV): Local content harvesting
Reuters: You Witness News
Yahoo: You Witness News
MSNBC: FirstPerson
New West.Net: Unfiltered
MediaGeneral (Tampa Tribune): Hyperlocal
81 US news companies and counting: Citizen Media

And all of this even has layers (11 of them, to be precise)!

...And all of this had media companies worried as well as excited (although the excitement seems to stem more from the promise of cost-cutting rather than the thrill of added value to reporting):

Survey: user-generated content biggest worry, opportunity for media companies

Quote: "Who's afraid of user-generated content? According to data collected for Accenture's annual survey of senior media executives, user-generated content is one of the biggest threats that traditional media companies face in the next few years."