The "Nature" of News

In a column on the success of US-based Comedy Central TV shows The Daily Show and The Colbert Report (yes that is my favorite program on American television, by far), The Huffington Post's John McQuaid writes the following powerful comment on the "nature" of news:
"The way news and information are transmitted is changing -- and so is the way we absorb them. News used to come in big chunks at the beginning and end of the day from one or two sources. Now it comes to us in bits and pieces, through the course of the day, from hundreds or thousands of sources, some reliable, some not so reliable. Video and audio and text are mixed; so are facts and opinions. I don't think there is enough awareness among the various outposts of the MSM about just how much credibility they have lost amid this din [SNIP] They are also adrift in a world of new technology, uncertain how to make money or even to perform their most basic function - reaching an audience. It's silly to bemoan the lack of youthful interest in these news sources when the news sources are wheezing and limping their way into the 21st century, unwilling or unable to embrace the changes already underway."

PS: that O'Reilly study and the media hype around it I posted about recently? It is still going on, particularly at The Hufftington Post and at the Los Angeles Times "Blowback" website...