Media Work Book Tour & Availability

Exciting times, indeed! Currently I'm at the Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, waiting on my flight back to Indiana. Back home!

I've been working on arranging some sort of 'book tour' for Media Work for the Fall semester. I will post all the details, dates and times as soon as possible, please come and say hi if you are in the neighborhood. As it stands, I'll probably be at the U of Oslo from September 11-15, in The Netherlands (Leiden U, U of Amsterdam) from September 15-24, at Tampere U in Finland after that, and then in the UK until October 15 (as part of a visiting Fellowship at Leeds U). In November I'll be at the 2007 Annenberg Symposium in the U.S., and at some point I'll be visiting Australia and New Zealand for a couple of talks and workshops as well (dates to be confirmed).

In the meantime, the book has been listed for (pre-)ordering at Amazon (US and elsewhere).