Academic Journals on (Media) Work/Life Linkdump (4)

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Information, Communication & Society 10(2)
Linked or divided by the Web?: Internet use and sociability in four European countries
Pekka Räsänen & Antti Kouvo

Work, Employment & Society 21(1)
Knowledge workers: what keeps them committed; what turns them away
John Benson & Michelle Brown

Journal of Management Studies 44(2)
Health in Organization: Towards a Process-Based View
Robert MacIntosh, Donald MacLean & Harry Burns

The Information Society 23(1)
Civil Society and Cyber Society: The Role of the Internet in Community Associations and Democratic Politics
Michael J. Jensen, James N. Danziger & Alladi Venkatesh

The International Journal of Human Resource Management 18(3)
The constraints of a 'work-life balance' approach: an international perspective
Authors: Suzan Lewis; Richenda Gambles; Rhona Rapoport

Culture and Organization 13(1)
'It is new, and it has to be done!': Socio-analytic Thoughts on Betrayal and Cynicism in Organizational Transformation
Burkard Sievers

European Journal of Social Theory 10(1)
Cosmopolitan Citizenship: Virtue, Irony and Worldliness
William Smith

Behaviour & Information Technology 26(2)
Using Hollywood's greatest film scenes to illustrate concepts of organisational behaviour and management
Steve Dunphy

New Media & Society 9(2)
A cross-cultural comparison of perceptions and uses of mobile telephony
Scott W. Campbell

Journalism 8(2)
Becoming a journalist: Journalism education and journalism culture
Simon Frith and Peter Meech

British Journal of Management 18(special issue)
Social Identity, Organizational Identity and Corporate Identity: Towards an Integrated Understanding of Processes, Patternings and Products
Joep P. Cornelissen, S. Alexander Haslam and John M. T. Balme

Work 28(3)
Precarious employment experiences and their health consequences: Towards a theoretical framework
Emile Tompa, Heather Scott-Marshall, Roman Dolinschi, Scott Trevithick, Sudipa Bhattacharyya