Jobs Cut, But Not Dying: Newspapers

Two bits of news, from the Denver Post and Media Life Magazine (both mentioned in the IWANTMEDIA newsletter):

With 900 layoffs since April, paper cuts continue
Since April, more than 900 newsroom jobs [in the United States, MD] have been cut in these days of declining circulation and shrinking ad revenues. Now the paper cuts are extending even to those who’ve made an effort to avoid them in the past.

Newspapers "not a dying business"
Don't feel sorry for the newspaper business. That was the word Tuesday from MediaNews Group chief executive William Dean Singleton and other industry leaders attending the Aspen Institute's annual Forum on Communications and Society. "It's not a dying business; it's a changing business," said Singleton, who was part of a panel that discussed the future of newspapers.
[UPDATE: August 16]: The same company (MediaNews Group) is in the news again:
MediaNews is consolidating the news operations of several Bay Area newspapers. The company says the move will improve efficiencies. The consolidation will affect papers including the San Mateo County Times, Contra Costa Times and the Oakland Tribune.

So how are newspapers not dying? Based on these and other reports I guess by outsourcing newswork to citizen-consumers, cutting salaries (and salaried journalists), and downsizing (hand in hand with newsroom convergence).