Media Work: Interviews & Press

Some interviews and online press on the publication of Media Work (Amazon link) have been posted online (or printed offline). Its great to see interest from professionals in different media disciplines (advertising, journalism), and the questions are excellent. I especially have to thank the reporters involved for editing my wordiness down to something that actually seems to make sense... Last updated: September 7, 2007.

  • interview with Ed Cotton over at brand/marketing consultancy blog Influx Insights (31 August).

  • interview with Patrick Philips of media industry newsletter IWantMedia (28 August; see also the write-up, together with Bob McChesney's new book, at the Benton Foundation)

  • [in Dutch] interview with Tom Bottema of public broadcaster news site Publiek Centraal (28 August)

  • [in Dutch] interview with Ruth van Beek of advertising trade magazine Reclameweek (4 July)

  • Press
  • Cross-Media + Transmedia Entertainment blogpost by Christy Dena, 3 September 2007