Outsourcing of Media Work

At several occasions, I've blogged news and context about the ongoing trend of outsourcing, offshoring, and subcontracting (also known as contingent, "atypical" or "nonstandard") media work.

In earlier posts, I for example documented trends in (international) Film/TV production, digital games development, and journalism.

Often this kind of labor practice involves supporting jobs, examples are: technical work, set construction, middleware programming, acquisition, customer care, and all kinds of other "below the line" jobs in such industries.

In recent years, the compass has changed somewhat: outsourcing of core activities - editorial in journalism, significant deliverables in game design, entire motion pictures in film (so-called "runaway production"), and also creative jobs in advertising are now being transferred from Western European and North American centers to Australia, South Africa, and especially China, India and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, media job cuts continue...