Back from Portland, Onwards to Oslo

Back from inVerge 2007... Sorry I had to miss the final presentations of Friday. Great meeting people like Renny from W+K (check his blog ouroboros) and Joshua from MIT. Talking with Renny at the Wieden + Kennedy offices in downtown Portland was inspiring (he took the pic). I wonder whether his philosophy matches the massive brands they represent (Nike, Coke, Starbucks, Old Spice). As I argued at the conference, perhaps such brands have become zombie institutions just like the State, Church, and Family? In an individualized society we do not understand ourselves in terms of such common denominators anymore. And even if we do, it will be shortlived. Have to think some more about this. For now its onwards to Oslo, where cool people await.

Here's some links of people blogging the inVerge conference, and who've been kind enough to mention my ramblings:

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