Media Work @ Amsterdam

It was fun presenting the "Media Work" book in Amsterdam, The Netherlands this week. Back at my old graduate school, who were kind enough to arrange the whole thing. People from the Dutch union of journalists (NVJ) and in chief Carel Kuyl pitched in, as did Bart Brouwers (as Colbert would say: "friend of the show"), editor of the free daily Spits newspaper. De Nieuwe Reporter did a nice write-up of the event (in Dutch).

Most agreed with one of the main premises of the book: that innovation and investments in the creative industries seem to be primarily target technologies rather than talent. In doing so, the industry consistently erodes its own survival chances. Yet the strange thing is that many young media professionals - now faced with enormous precarity and contingency in their working relationships - seem to like this.

Is this a thing of young people (sociodemographics on media workers would clearly suggest age plays a crucial role), or are we witnessing another, more subtle social shift? Does social cohesion, togetherness, security and communality mean something very different to this generation of people - and perhaps this is not such a bad thing, especially if we frame it in different terms (away from the value theory of economy for example)?

Picture courtesy of Bicyclemark (check out his CitizenReporter blog!).