Media Work in Finland

At the moment spending a lovely afternoon in the office of friend and colleague Ari Heinonen at the University of Tampere, somewhere in central Finland. Just gave a talk (the first of four presentations this week in Tampere) in a seminar on media audiences and media work. Excellent questions addressed the problems of interpreting audience activities and engagement with media entertainment in a time of civic disengagement and voter apathy, and Risto Kunelius gave me a hard time on the notion of power in my argument - or rather the absence of a discussion on power.

Good stuff! Been getting some emails about the book being spotted in bookstores in different countries, which is great... Exciting times, indeed!

Also some news on last minute changes to the tour: this Friday, just before I will be flying to the UK for a stay at Leeds University, the good folks over at Helsinki University offered me a chance to participate in an afternoon workshop on culture & economy.