Your Agency is Not Special

This week I'm speaking at the InVerge 2007 conference in Portland, Oregon (US), at a gathering of marketing, PR, advertising and new media companies.

The topic of the conference: what are the consequences and/or best practices in an age of interactive and converged media?

Of course, I have to look at this question from the perspective of media work and management. Considering my talk, I've come up with one key "take home point" for the hardworking directors, managers, and others in the advertising industries:


This, of course, is a riff of a classic Bill Hicks line (and I am paraphrasing here): "To all you parents out there, I'm sorry to tell you this, your children are NOT special [...] I know YOU think they're special [laughs] I'm aware of that. I'm just trying to tell you: they're NOT."

I'll explain later what (I think) this means...