Media Work @ LSE

Today was a good day, as the song goes... it was a day of presenting Media Work to PhD students and faculty at the London School of Economics. Good response, very nice discussions afterwards in Ye Old White Horse, indeed.

Most of the questions focused on the issues around media from an ever-so-slightly neo-Marxist perspective - Robin Mansell also remarked that LSE folks are very aware of issues regarding class (which is important, considering the London district LSE is located in, and the kind of students it tends to attract). One of the attendees was Henrik Örnebring of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford, who wondered to what extent the lack of social policies (such as parent leave) and the well-established industry practice of working for free (or "on spec") in fact contribute to a "middleclassification" of media work, as the only people who can afford to work/live like that are the ones with capital of their own. Good point, well taken.

Another outside guest was Tim Overdiek, the UK multimedia correspondent of Dutch public broadcaster NOS. This is a great reporter, one who really explores the fun and creative boundaries of his profession and contributes to shaping the future of the news - so it was wonderful to see him there. Afterwards we found out we both graduated more or less around the same time at the Fontys School of Journalism in The Netherlands... Go Tilburg! Tim took the picture here of me in front of the LSE main building. It was his idea, this picture. Really.