Media Strikes Everywhere

Either it is some strange coincidence, a cultural "rogue wave", my undoubtedly selective perception... or what we are witnessing around the world is just the tip of the iceberg that is labor exploitation in the cultural/creative industries.

Consider the ongoing writers' strike in the American motion pictures industry; the pending strike by CBS News writers in New York; the looming strike among BBC reporters, editors and staff; the recent Europe-wide "Stand Up For Journalism" day; last year's report on the rise of atypical (precarious, uncontracted, contingent) media work by the International Labor Organization (link to PDF); recent and forthcoming books by critical and deeply concerned academics around the world such as David Hesmondhalgh, Andy Pratt, Ned Rossiter, Vincent Mosco and Catherine McKercher; and the growing concerns and job losses associated with runaway production (TV/film), remote control journalism (news), and outsourcing (digital games)...

I'd suggest it is increasingly important to see what connects all of this - not to find "evidence" for oversimplified generalizations about precarity or corporate misconduct, but to look at the situational contexts of these instances of media workers' agency and tactics while staying within the larger media industry ecosystem.