Media Work: Sold Out!

Not sure whether this is good news (the book is doing well), bad news (it is hard to get a copy for a decent price now, especially outside of the US), or really bad news (the publisher only printed ten copies in the first place)... but: Media Work (link to PDF info sheet) is practically sold out everywhere. Polity Press confirms this, and has ordered (and indeed already completed) a reprint.

[UPDATE: 27.11.07]: The good folks over at Polity Press tell me (and I quote): "we've already sold just shy of 1000 copies", which seems pretty decent for an academic book that has been out for about 6-8 weeks now. Well, I'm excited, anyway! A second printing has just been sent to US and European distributors, and I've been told a third printing is in the works as well - if the book keeps doing well.

[UPDATE: 15.01.08: After some system bugs and software issues, the second and third (!) printing of the book is now finally available through US distributor Wiley. This also means it should pop up on Amazon again soon...

In the mean time, if you by any chance are looking for a copy (and thanks for your interest if that is the case), check for listings of new & used book availability. Ordering directly from the publisher (Blackwell UK, Blackwell US/international, or Polity Press) should work, too.