Working in the Media

Great piece by Richard Sambrook, Director of BBC Global News, on what it is like to work in the media - yesterday, today, and after 2015 (posted January 14 on his blog/linkdump, SacredFacts).

Some quotes... on what it was like to build a career in the 20th century (anomalous) heyday of mass media: "Find an organisation you like and dig in for the long haul." Then, on what it is like right now: "Your last boss offered you a corner desk to get you to stay - wtf? You never sit at one anyway."

So what is it like tomorrow? "You have to have a network of contacts to thrive - there is no distinction between home and work."

A funny - if not slightly cynical - view of the future, that is completely 'hyperindividualized', yet also strangely 'social' in that it privileges collective intelligence over solipsistic expertise.