Media Work in Milano

I'm on my way to Milan, Italy for a talk at the "Global Screens" conference at the Triennale Design Museum (drop by if you can: its at the Viale Alemagna).

My presentation will focus on the promises and perils of convergence culture for journalism, with a particular focus on the emerging digital culture in Italy. Over the last few days, several prominent Italian bloggers - Luca Conti (Pandemia), Dario Salvelli (Talk About Technology), and Alberto D'Ottavi (Infoservi) - have been kind enough to give me advice, tips and information about the situation in their country - and in doing so, suggested something really powerful about the potential of non-mainstream, bottom-up collaboration and co-creation enabled online.

Some points I will cover in the presentation:

- the ongoing labor disputes in Italy and elsewhere between newsworkers and employers (in Italy: between the FNSI and FIEG) regarding the increase of "atypical" working arrangements in especially digital journalism

- a comparison of multimedia newsroom designs and Bentham's Panopticon, relevant in the context of increased worker monitoring and surveillance associated with new technologies in media companies

- the pros (journalism as a conversation) and cons (media use turned into free labor) of citizen journalism and other forms of User-Generated Content (UGC) in the gathering, editing, and distribution of news.

- future perspectives on large scale broadband mobile internet access, focusing on startups in the multimedia social network domain (ex.: Zingku, Bliin, Jaiku, Floobs, Meemi).

Its all part of the 2008 tour...