Newswork and Holiday

Two bits of news this week... we're going on a holiday (see the stock photo), and second, the cool open access journal Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture published its new issue - a special issue on News Journalism in Transition. It features several excellent papers - including the always fascinating work of friend and colleague Steve Paulussen from Belgium - and I'm honoured to be included in the line-up with an essay based on the research for the Media Work book (link to PDF: "Understanding Journalism as Newswork: How it Changes, and how it Remains the Same").

Here's the abstract:

For a media profession so central to society’s sense of self, it is of crucial importance to understand the influences of changing labor conditions, professional cultures, and the appropriation of technologies on the nature of work in journalism. In this paper, the various strands of international research on the changing nature of journalism as a profession are synthesized, using media logic as developed by Altheide and Snow (1979 and 1991) and updated by Dahlgren (1996) as a conceptual framework. A theoretical key to understanding and explaining journalism as a profession is furthermore to focus on the complexities of concurrent disruptive developments affecting its performance from the distinct perspective of its practitioners – for without them, there is no news.