Media Work Blog @ Polity Press

As from this week, I'll be blogging more or less regularly at the brand new Digital Media And Society book series website of my publisher, Polity Press.

The blogposts will follow the daily news coming out of the media/ cultural/ creative industries, focusing on the working lives of people across these industries and disciplines - including, but not limited to journalism, advertising, computer and video game development, marketing communications, PR, film/TV production, and music. Of course, the topics/themes selected relate to my Media Work (2007) book, but you can expect other Polity authors to join in the discussion soon.

Some early posts cover the "Content is not King" debate and focus on new business models in the global motion pictures industry.

I hope to see you there, please leave comments, and feel free to (re-) tweet, post and link any of the material there.

FYI: for regular linksharing and brief posts on all things media work/media life, the best place to find me is at my Facebook newsfeed; for midsize blogposts on media work please check out the Polity Press DMS site, and for longer pieces on (forthcoming) articles, books, and working papers, I'll use this "Deuzeblog". The shortest blurbs can be found at my Twitter account, of course.