Even More Media Work Reviews

Excited to learn of two more academic journals publishing reviews of my Media Work book: the International Journal of Media Management (appearing in issue 11/1), and The Information Society (this after earlier scholarly reviews or booknotes in the European Journal of Communication, New Media & Society and Ecquid Novi).

The review in the International Journal of Media Management is extensive, and the editor has asked me not to copy and paste the whole thing on my blog. Fair enough, but I cannot resist at least quoting a concluding comment by the reviewer, as I am very pleased with it, and indeed have been hoping this is what people would get from the book:

"In sum, Deuze’s book makes at least three significant contributions to the analyses of the interactions between media, technology, and work. First, he is able to clearly trace the transformative impacts of technology across key sectors of the media, showing both their unique features but also the ways in which processes and practices are converging. In this regard, his argument makes a clearly stated case for the need to explore how global macro processes interact with national and local microlevel practices in our analyses of the media industry. These interactions have a significant impact on how media professionals understand and experience their work.

Second, his book shows that media now goes well beyond traditional understandings of the media as being the domain of experts who provide information and entertainment to the masses. Deuze’s analysis clearly shows how the distinctions that have marked much media practice and analysis are being transformed very rapidly, with pre-existing understandings and practices coming under severe threat and challenge. For example, for media workers in journalism, old hierarchies between producer and consumer are increasingly irrelevant as audiences are now content producers, as well as content consumers.

Third, Deuze’s book makes a convincing case that if we are to understand contemporary society, we must analyse the media. Crucially, in one form or another, we are all part of the media now."

Especially the third point is important to me, as it provides the lead-in for my next/current book project (next to an edited volume on media management), titled Media Life, which should be finished by Fall 2010...