Coming Soon: Special Issue on "Newswork"

After two years of exciting work with friend and colleague Tim Marjoribanks (University of Melbourne), our special issue on "Newswork" of the journal Journalism Theory Practice & Criticism is coming out soon; I just got the page proofs this week. As a sneak preview, please find the table of contents below.

By the way: the authors' version of the introductory essay Tim and I wrote for the special issue (on the changing conditions of work and labor in the global news industry) is available for download at IU Scholarworks. It features a broad discussion of the changes and challenges facing journalists in terms of labor, working conditions, and management, as well as a brief summary of all the wonderful articles that are featured in this special issue.

Journalism Volume 10 Number 5 October 2009



Mark Deuze and Timothy Marjoribanks 555


Between tradition and change: A review of recent research on online news production
Eugenia Mitchelstein and Pablo J. Boczkowski 562

Compressed dimensions in digital media occupations: Journalists in transformation
Amy Schmitz Weiss and Vanessa de Macedo Higgins Joyce 587

An actor-network perspective on changing work practices: Communication technologies as actants in newswork
Ursula Plesner 604

Token responses to gendered newsrooms: Factors in the career-related decisions of female newspaper sports journalists
Marie Hardin and Erin Whiteside 627

The performative journalist: Job satisfaction, temporary workers and American television news
Kathleen M. Ryan 647

Structure, agency, and change in an American newsroom
David M. Ryfe 665

Watchdog or witness? The emerging forms and practices of videojournalism
Sue Wallace 684

The shaping of an online feature journalist
Steen Steensen 702

Changing journalistic practices in Eastern Europe: The cases of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia
Monika Metyková and Lenka Waschková Císarová 720